Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm a blogger, not a fighter!

Sorry I've been so long away from my bloggery duties, but I've been a bit pre-occupied with other stuff this week, like rearranging my house in anticipation of various upcoming home improvement projects, as well as some major vacation planning for later this summer, thus my creative juices haven't been flowing while my feeble brain has been concentrating on the above.

I will never ever eat that Southern delicacy known as brains & eggs, mostly because as the old axiom goes, a mind is a terrible thing to taste...

Can you name the only rock group whose four members are all dead, and one of whom was shot to death?  Answer below...

Time for another rant on Kansas City Star sports columnist Jason Whitlock.  Earlier this week, the Flatulent One wrote a column about the whole Barack Obama/Rev. Wright flapwhat this has to do with sports, I haven't a clueduring which he prefaced his comments with the following:  "I am not political. Dishonesty is so pervasive within politics that I practice abstinence.  Conservative and liberal ideologies are the enemies of common sense.  I’m a nonvoting, casual observer."  Okay, Tubboif you aren't even going to get off your fat ass and exercise your hard-earned right to vote, then I don't see where you have any right to bitch about anything!  It's this kind of prevailing attitude that continues to set black people back about a hundred years.  Crude as he was, the late Richard Pryor was abso-fucking-lutely right when he said, "This could be a whole state of [N-words] if y'all would start votin'!"

As for Obama, let's just say this whole thing taints his candidacy in my eyes if he did indeed fervently follow this "man of God" who urges "damning America to hell."  Obama had been my front-runner, but after this I have question his legitmacy at this point.  Why the fuck has it all come to this?  Hillary's no option in my bookI can't take any more Clinton shenanigans in the White House.  If you think about it, since 1981 there's been either a Bush or a Clinton in the White House, going back to when Mr. "Thousands Points of Light" was VP for Ronald Ray-Gun, and I think it's high-time for some fresh blood, but McCain ain't the answer for me either.

Fuck it, maybe I'll just move to Canada instead.  Anyone know if there's some cheap housing to be had in Moose Jaw or Medicine Hat?  At least the have hockey up there in abundance.  Now, where'd I put my tuque?

I was watching part of A&E's "Biography" show today on Marilyn Monroe, and wondered if there's anyone else out there besides me who finds her far more attractive as a brunette?  They showed numerous photos of her before she became famous when she had dark brown hair, and she was a total babe!  Granted, I'm more partial to dark-haired women and redheads to begin with, but I never much cared for Monroe as a blondeit looked too phony and made her look like an airhead, and based on what they said about her on the show, she was a lot smarter than people gave her credit for.

R.E.O. Speedwagon tickets for their upcoming show at Ameristar Casino here in K.C. start at $60!  I've seen Speedwagon twice, and I don't think I even paid half that much for those two shows.  What's worse, R.E.O. has played at least half a dozen shows in the past two years either in Kansas City proper or within a 70-mile radius of the city (including two at Ameristar), so I find it hard to believe there's that big a demand to see them again.  Talk about your chuztpah...

Well, damnso much for Xavier making the Final Four in the NC-bubble-A bassit-ball tournament (as I predicted), as the Muscatels were summarily whooped by UCLA earlier tonight.  Up until that point, my Final Four was still intact.  A word of warning for Kansas tomorrow:  Be on your toes, you Jayhawks, 'cuz Davidson ain't just happy to be herethey're dead serious about winning!  Too bad Davidson doesn't have anyone named Harley on their team...

Congrats go out from yours truly to Gene Simmons of Kiss.  It took him 32 years to go from being my favorite member of the Hottest Band In The World to my least favorite member of The Hottest Band In The World.  It's been a long but steady plunge for the man with the tongue, but he finally supplanted Vinnie Vincent at "Rock Bottom" of my Kiss member appreciation list, thanks in large part to his A&E "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" reality TV show and appearing on douche-bag Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" crapfest, not to mention his attempted disavowing of the recently-unearthed "sex video" featuring him doing the wild thing with some groupie to the tune of Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is".  Gene's constant criticism of Ace Frehley and Peter Criss don't rate no brownie points with me, either.  At the risk of sounding too negative here, I will give Gene and girlfriend Shannon Tweed credit for one thing:  At least their kids seem infinitely more well-adjusted than Jack and Kelly Osbourne.  Still, it's beyond the shadow of a doubt that G. Simmons is a complete and total dickweed.

Brian Holland's Favorite Member of Kiss List, Past or Present
(Current standings)
1) Ace Frehley
2) Eric Carr (Rest his soul)
3) Eric Singer
4) Peter Criss
5) Bruce Kulick
6) Tommy Thayer
7) Paul Stanley (and falling fast)
8) Vinnie Vincent
9) Gene Simmons

NOTE:  I don't include the late Mark St. John on this list since he with the band for such a short time that I never really formed an opinion on him one way or the other.

"Roadhouse Blues"THE DOORS (1970)  "Back at the roadhouse, they got some bungalows..."  Or as I once interpreted Big Jim's words, "Back at the roadhouse, they got someone who knows..."

I snapped this pic today at a used car emporium about two blocks from my house.  Nice to see the spelling curriculum is producing honor students these days...

Mount Rushmore. I didn't say anything about rock music trivia, now did I?