Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meet the new boss...

…not quite the same as the old boss!

Yesterday was most certainly an important one in our history, and I was quite pleased with the outcome, for the most part, with Barack Obama defeating John McCain for President—fair and square, I might add—none of this having to recount Florida’s vote or protesting the results in Ohio, etc.  The popular vote was a whole lot closer than I expected, but what I was most impressed with was the high voter turnout, which exceeded everyone’s expectations.  Let’s hope this isn’t a one-time phenomenon, either.  With Obama’s victory, I improved my Presidential voting record to 2-and-5 (Clinton in ’92 was my only other winner).  And no, I didn’t vote for Al Gore in ’00 or Boob Dole in ’96—I voted for whomever the Libertarian candidates were in those years.

I hope all the bigots out there who have issues with Obama being Black will at least give the man a chance to be a good President, but I’m sure they won’t.  Hell, I don’t give a damn if he’s plaid if he can get this ship righted and moving forward again.  I’m also not averse to the idea of a female President someday soon, but I think we can do a helluva lot better than Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin.  Anyway, I’m not na├»ve enough to believe Obama’s going to fix everything, but I’m hopeful that he can at least do as Dennis DeYoung sang in the Styx song “Suite Madame Blue” and “lead us away from here…”

As for McCain, I correctly predicted two months ago that naming Sarah Palin as his running mate would be his undoing, and that’s what he gets for thinking with his dick.  Now Ms. Winky-Dink’s 15 minutes of fame are over, so I guess she’ll just have to return all those nice clothes to Nieman-Marcus and go back to hanging out with Joe Six-Pack/Plumber and dressing deer in Moose Twit, Alaska.  Something tells me we haven’t heard the last of her, though—it wouldn’t surprise me if she winds up hosting some vapid talk show on daytime TV.  Either that, or she’ll be on “Dancing With The Stars” next season.

I didn’t watch a whole lot of the TV coverage last night—it was more fun viewing the constant updates on MSNBC’s webpage instead of listening to the battalion of talking heads on all the networks—but I couldn’t help but note how Al Sharpton and Jesse "I'd like to cut his nuts off" Jackson just had to steal some face-time on TV during Obama’s celebration, even though their contributions to his cause were irrelevant, at best.  It figures.  And then there was Pat Robertson sitting there looking all forlorn on his Jesus Channel with skidmarks in his drawers.  Short of a gay President, I bet Obama winning this election is just about Pat’s worst nightmare.

I read today that Hank Williams, Jr. performed the National Anthem (coherently?!?) at a McCain rally in Colorado just to show-up Obama.  I also heard a radio ad that Hank Jr. did for McCain the other day where he ripped on Obama’s “clinging to guns and religion” comment from way back when.  By relying on endorsements from this drunken has-been, is it any wonder McCain lost?  At least Bruce Springsteen is still a relevant musician!  Go have another Bourbon and shut the fuck up, Hank…

Much to my surprise, I did not have to wait in line at all when I went to vote a little after 5PM yesterday.  Nary a Republican got my vote (and they might never get it again, either!), and as per my usual, I voted to kick out all the judges, and I even voted for Nixon!  That would be Jay Nixon, the new Governor-elect of Missouri.  What I don’t get is why a governor doesn’t have a running mate like a President, thus we have a Democratic Governor and a Republican Lt. (i.e., Vice-) Governor.  Makes no sense.

Okay, now we can all exhale!