Monday, December 11, 2006

Shut Up already, Bay-Beee!

Is there possibly a more irritating human being than ESPN’s Dick Vitale? Yes, his enthusiasm for and working knowledge of college basketball are admirable, and from what I hear, he's actually a genuinely nice man off-camera, but dammit I wish someone would stuff a dirty sweat sock in his mouth! He takes over every telecast he does and overshadows everything else going on with his breathless ravings. Every time some second-string schlub comes off the bench and makes a basket, Vitale starts praising him like he’s the second coming of Michael Jordan and goes off on these "Diaper Dandy" tangents, and it gets really old really quick. Thank goodness for March Madness and the NCAA Tournament because CBS carries it, and Dicky V. is relegated to covering the NIT on ESPN, which no one gives a rat’s spleen about anyway. It’s about the only way to shut him up! Even my mute button doesn't stand a chance against him!