Monday, July 2, 2007

Classic Misheard Lyric #37

"Pride (In The Name of Love)"--U2 (1984) "Early morning, April 4shot rings out in the Memphis sky..."  Mea culpa on my part—I'm surprised no one caught my brain fart on my Travelblog, Pt. 2 entry last month regarding the Lorraine Motel where I subtitled it "Sunday morning, April 4."  Come on, where were all you Youse2 fans out there?!?

Hey, I'm willing to admit a mistake now and then, and there are two goofs in regards to this, one being mine and the other being Bono's.  I don't know where I got Sunday from—confusing it with "Sunday, Bloody Sunday", perhaps?—and on top of that, April 4, 1968 was a Thursday.  Bono gets a few points off his American History grade, and the lyric should have gone "early evening, April 4" because Martin Luther King was shot a 6:01PM and died about an hour later—I wonder if anyone's ever pointed out this error to young Mr. Hewson.  Anyway, I caught this FUBAR last night while reading my Soulsville, U.S.A. book on the history of Stax Records (which was subsequently impacted by King's death in numerous ways).

I stand corrected, even if that Bono dude doesn't...

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