Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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A GLARING OMISSIONAs is typical with my countdowns and lists, I often forget one or two worthy entries, and it took me about three months to realize an egregious error on my part by overlooking Supertramp’s Breakfast In America in my Top 30 Album Covers of All-Time list on the blog.  Not sure where exactly it lands in the rankings now, but it’s always been a favorite of mine.  Great album too—probably the last of the true classic albums of the ‘70s, and certainly S-Tramp’s finest hour(s) in the studio.

Me madre is thinking about getting cable TV, and she asked me the other day, "Does Compost have an office around here?"  She was referring to Comcast, of course, but Compost actually better sums up my opinion of them sometimes…

I was quite amused at something my man Leo. Pitts, Jr. wrote in his column this week.  Seems that in the Health section of his Miami Herald paper last week they published some hints for parents to help their kids cope with the death of one (or more) of the beloved characters in the new Harry Potter book.  Only in America could we have grief counseling that covers fictional characters in cheesy Sci-Fi books aimed at geeky 7th-graders!  Where were these fuckers when I was seven and watched the movie Brian’s Song for the first time and was inconsolable afterwards?  At least Brian Piccolo was a real person who died!

At the risk of sounding like R. Limbaugh, the animal rights nut-jobs are predictably taking to this Michael Vick thing like arsonists to a burning building—even though the guy literally hasn’t even had his day in court yet.  These folks are already doing a little grandstanding for their cause by picketing and protesting in front of the Atlanta Falcons offices yesterday.  Why picket the Falcons?  Or the NFL?  This isn’t their fault, and neither organization is responsible for one knucklehead’s actions, nor should they have to rush into any kind of decision about Vick’s future employment therein just because PETA wants them to.  Why not picket Vick’s house(s) instead—he’s the one you’re pissed at, right?

Look folks, I didn’t even like Vick before all this hoo-haw began—his other previous transgressions have painted him in a rather shady light and he’s overrated/over-hyped as a quarterback, anyway.  I think he’s guilty as hell myself on this dog-fighting stuff, but let’s at least give the man a chance to try to prove his innocence before we string him up by his nut-sack.  This is America, after all (last time I checked…).

And why do I have this bad feeling Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are going to stick their noses in this before it's all over?

"Stardom In Acton"—PETE TOWNSHEND (1982)  Not an actual lyric this time, but rather the title itself, which for years I misread as "Stardom In Action"!

Seems only fitting for web pages devoted to Paris Hilton to be called "Paris sites", don't it?

I read that Tammy Faye was cremated, per her wishes.  I would’ve paid good money to see her imploded

BECKHAM GIVES ME THE BENDSI don’t care what my good friend Steve in England says, this David Beckham fucker can’t possibly be worth all the hype and hysteria he’s brought with him—nobody’s that good!  And he’s in for a shock when he realizes the caliber of team he now plays for.  The L.A. Galaxy is one of the weaker teams in MLS, and considering all the world-class players he’s accustomed to competing with and against, this will be akin to A-Rod or Albert Pujols playing AA minor league baseball or Peyton Manning playing Arena Football.  MLS is making a colossal mistake by sinking so much money into this guy…

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