Saturday, July 7, 2007

What the #$&@ Were They Thinking?--Vol. II

Pretty self-explanatory here—just kick back and enjoy what is quite possibly the ultimate career-killing music video and witness ‘80s guitarist/Eddie Van Halen wanna-be Billy Squier morph into a Richard Simmons look-a-like and inadvertently out himself all in one fell swoop!  Truth be told, "Rock Me Tonite" wasn’t really all that bad a song, but I can’t hear it anymore without thinking of that embarrassing "Sir Prance-A-Lot" act in that damn video, in which Squier somehow managed to make Boy George and Prince seem like he-men by comparison!  This video's just plain awful, period.  Squier himself freely acknowledges it was a major tactical error on his part from which his career never recovered, even though he did put out some decent stuff afterward.  Too bad too, because he wasn’t a bad guitar player.

For what it’s worth, my All-Time Billy Squier Top 5:
1) "Whaddya Want From Me?" (1981)
2) "Keep Me Satisfied" (1982)
3) "Everybody Wants You" (1982)
4) "Too Daze Gone" (1981)
5) "My Kinda Lover" (1981)

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Randy Raley said...

I'll tell you about the time Billy hit on me during the KC Rock Awards in the early 80s. His comment about me having a "nice butt" was most entirely not welcome.
He got smashed and made another pass at me later and then when I showed him my girlfriend and threatened to "whup his ass", he then left me alone.