Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Day After

Regular readers are already aware that I was in a quandary about how I would react to Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron's career home run record.  I had narrowed my choices down to yawning, farting or scratching my balls (or any combination of the three), but I inadvertently came up with an even more ingenious response last nightI slept right through it all!  And slept well, I might add.  Just an observation here, but ain't it amazing how whenever Bonds hits a home run, the Giants usually lose the game?

Okey fineBarely Bonds is now officially the home run king, but I still say Hank Aaron is the real home run king.  I even had the honor of seeing him hit one of his 755 home runs in person.  It was on June 11, 1976 (easy to remember--my 12th birthday) at Royals Stadium during Aaron's final season with the Milwaukee Brewers, and "The Hammer" jacked one into the left field corner seats.

The NFL announced that my hero John Mellencamp will perform during the pre-game show at Opening Night next month in Indianapolis, along with Kelly Clarkson and Faith Hill.  Yes, I know there's the Indiana connection there and all, but jeez Louise, couldn't they come up with someone better than this simple-minded hillbilly?  I'd sooner listen to the vocal stylings of David Letterman.  Even Bobby Knight crooning "It's Hard To Be Humble" would be a step in the right direction...

EDITOR'S NOTEIf you're looking for the "Tony's Kansas City" blog link formerly featured on this here blog, I deleted it.  I used to think this guy was just a harmless crackpot with far too much time on his hands, but his insulting remarks about Elton John fans (I'm a lifelong fanif you have problem with that, fuck you, Tony!) and gay people (I'm not one of them, but I have no quarrel with them) revealed him to be just another ignorant bigot, and I refuse to associate my blog with that crap.

"Miss America"--STYX (1977)  Not a lyric here, but it took me about 20 years to catch on that Dennis DeYoung was "borrowing" the "There she is..." bit on the synthesizer throughout the song.  I'm a little slow, sometimes...

THIS IS REFRESHING...Not just the photo, but the fact that the girl in it has actually made something of her life after being a child star and hasn't wound up dead, on skid row or reality TV (same thing), or worsetabloid fodder like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, et al.  Seems that our little Winnie "Super" Cooper from "The Wonder Years" has grown up with her head on straight, and just as I predicted when I first laid eyes on her on that show back in the late '80s, Danica McKellar is an absolute hottie now.  Pretty AND smartwhat a concept!  At the risk of sounding like Tyra Banksyou go, girl!!


Tony said...

I have to admit I was googling myself and I saw this post.

Sorry if you were offended but I was just trying to come with the funny. Rest assured I will make many more offensive remarks in the future and probably more about Elton John and his fans as the concert date moves closer.

Still, I'd like to have you back!!!

Link me back up homie and I'll provide a reciprocal link to you as well.

Life is give and take.

Regardless, I'm adding you to my bloglines reading list and feel free to e-mail me with any interesting news out of Raytown!!!

All the best.

Brian Holland said...

Wow, Tony--what an interesting approach! You promise that you will continue to write the same stuff that offended me in the first place, yet you still want to make nice so I’ll keep your link on my blog. I haven’t seen such chutzpah since Jerry Mazer called me every name in the book whilst he begged money from me for a cheeseburger!

What bugs me most is that you have yet to mention the true reason that the Elton John tickets were snapped up so quickly is these fucking scalper/ticket broker outfits, not “ghey people and sentimental old white ladies”. As for Elton in his “twilight”, it’s true that he’s lost a step or two over the years, but I’d still gladly pay to see him in concert instead of all these gnarly bands and “American Idol” castoffs who couldn’t carry a tune with a handle that pass for
“entertainment” these days. At least EJ still puts on a professional show.

You know what, though? I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, so I’m gonna take you up on your appeal and reinstate my link to your blog (for now, anyway). And I’m not saying gay people aren’t above poking a little fun at now and then--no less than any other ethnic group, anyway--what I object to is mean-spirited crap, and it almost sounded to me like you were supporting Phred Phelps and his Phanatics with your previous remarks.

As for interesting news out of Raytown, don’t hold your breath because there rarely is any…