Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thank you, sir, may I have another?

According to the papers, the writer’s strike now threatens the upcoming Grammy Awards broadcast.  Just as with Julie Brown’s "Homecoming Queen" gunning down the entire Glee Club, it’s "No big loss…"  Did anyone truly miss the Golden Globe Awards this year?  Apart from these people who obsess over all the red carpet palaver, I think not.

Are you ready for all-Oprah all the time?  Evidently, that’s going to happen when Discovery Health Channel morphs into the Oprah Channel, thus displacing thousands of hours’ worth of baby-birthing shows.

You know, I give Oprah credit for taking the high road on her talk show by not featuring stuff like the "White Trash Theater" crap Jerry Springer and Moron Povich air every day, but still there’s something about this woman that I don’t like, and I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Some of it has to do with her arrogance, I think—I mean how humble can you be to name a magazine after yourself and feature your own photo on the cover of every issue?  I think it might also have a bit to do with overexposure on her part, and having her own cable network is only going make that worse.

How is it Hillary Clinton gets 55% of the vote in the Michigan primary, yet Obama and Edwards weren’t even on the ballot?  Who came up with this convoluted system anyway, anyway—Curly, Moe and Larry or FEMA?  And dumb question, but why do they hold the Michigan Primary in the middle of January when the weather is usually shitty and people might not be able to get out and vote?  Seems to me like March or April might be more favorable…

I made a little observation while channel-surfing the other night:  It occurs to me that the people who host these "What Not To Wear" TV shows are often in more dire need of makeovers than their guests are.  Case in point:  Finola Hughes, who used to be a real hottie when she was on "General Hospital" back in the ‘80s, but she was dressed like a drag queen on this silly show.  They have another one of these pointless crapfests on The Learning Channel (what any of this has to do with "learning" is beyond me) with some flighty black gal hosting it, and she had so much make-up on she looked like a glazed donut!  And why do women rely so much on the advice of these flaming homos on what to wear to impress heterosexual guys with?  Some of this crap they have these girls wearing on these shows looks like it was designed by Ronald McDonald...

Hate to keep beating a dead horse/radio station, but here's an excellent piece by K.C. Star columnist Timothy Finn on the demise of KY.  One of his readers posted the following commentary that I found rather profound, too:

"I don't live in the Kansas City area anymore and have no idea what KY had become, but when it was 102 in the late 70's and early 80's and played album rock, it helped define our generation, just as WHB did the previous generation.  I am sure its time has since passed..."

Sad to say, but he may be right--perhaps Classic/Album Rock radio has indeed gone the way of Oldsmobile and Montgomery Ward...

Give a hoot--don't pollute!

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