Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Heeeeere's Johnny!

My fellow children of the '70s, do you remember this shit?  I've been dying for this old show to re-emerge on DVD.  It hasn't yet, but there's a new site on the 'net where one can view several episodes of this cult classic that I haven't seen since I was about seven when I used to watch it after school on Channel 41 here in K.C.  The new site is called Hulu, and it just debuted about three weeks ago.  It's free to view (although there are commercials mixed in with the videos), and unlike YouTube, it's strictly legitimate shows and movies as opposed to any old loser with a PC and a vidcam.  Lots of old cult classics to be found here, including stuff like "Nanny & The Professor" and "Kojak", and they're constantly adding new titles.  Looks like a winner to me...

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