Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mr. Holland's Opus?

Y'all knew I was going to use that sooner or later, didn't you?

I just thought I'd warn you that there are numerous imposters out there who try to pass themselves off as Brian Holland, but let me assure you, my dear friends, that there's only ONE true blue ME!  Do a Google search on yourself, and you'll be shocked at what you'll find out about your namesakes.  Check out these scalawags and you'll no doubt see how fake these goomers are:

Brian Holland Announces Presidential Bid
"Brian Holland, member of the National Socialist Movement, announced he will be running for president. His campaign will begin in May, but he spoke with the NSM after their National Rally about his campaign in which you can read about here further.  There’s currently no candidate website up though it will be coming soon."

That's right, I'm a Commie bastard!  "And if I'm elected, I promise the formation of a new party.  A third party.  The WILD party!"A. Cooper

My musical prowess
"Brian Holland has to be one of the fastest, cleanest players anywhere today.  Every note, no matter how swift, is as sparkling clear as Waterford crystal.  His touch is assured and he makes even the most complex passages sound easy."

"Brian Holland plays in a driving style, his lightning-fast left hand banging out a clean, steady rhythm while his right hand skitters up and down the keyboard rendering the melody in thick chords...watching his energy and dexterity is narcotic."

That's right, kidsI'm bad, I'm nationwide!  The above two quotes are courtesy of  And for what's worth, I am left-handed when it comes to guitar playing, but I have never dealt in narcotics...

Buy my CD please!
That Scott Joplin faggot ain't got nothing on me!

That can't be me on this websitethis imposter in the photo is wearing a necktie, the likes of which I haven't worn since 1986!  I would never have an initial for a first name anyway...

"Mr. Holland practices bankruptcy, creditors' rights, business reorganization, and receivership litigation in the firm's Kansas City, Mo. office.  His experience includes representation of secured and unsecured creditors in Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcy cases, executory contract and unexpired lease litigation, and preferential transfer litigation.  In addition to his bankruptcy practice, Mr. Holland devotes a notable portion of his practice to representation of receivers in Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement actions recovering funds, both domestically and internationally, for defrauded investors."

Yet another goomer in a necktie that I would never wear...

Now this is the cat I've really wanted to hook up with!  He (I?) wrote all those big-time Supremes songs, in spite of the fact that I was barely one year old at the timeMotown wouldn't be the same without me!  Oddly enough, Brian and I both have a brother named E. Holland...

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