Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coming into Los Angeleez...

Barring a last-minute air traffic controller strike or major earthquake, long about this time tomorrow night, I will be dining on Dodger Dogs and watching Manny Ramirez mangling routine fly balls in left field at Dodger Stadium, as my long-awaited Californy trip commences.  It's been a long time coming, and I'm very pumped about seeing La-La Land for the first time.  The itenerary goes something like this:  LA Thursday, San Diego Friday, back to LA Saturday, up to the Bay Area Sunday-Monday-Tuesday (Sacramento/Tahoe/Reno area included), then back to LA Wednesday and Thursday next week and returning home Friday.  If I can find some cheap Internet access along the way, I'll try to write and update y'all on how things are going, especially if I wind up having dinner with Renee Zellweger or Kate Winslet, or wind up staying the night with Gene and Shannon and the kids.  Otherwise, the blog will obviously be on hiatus until my return. Photos and complete details will follow, of course.

I am now free to move about the country, so as the CB radio-types used to say (and probably still do): "Catch you on the flip-flop!"


David Elton said...

You have a wicked sense of humor. But be forewarned...I am a Republican and, of course, because of that my TV is pre-programmed to play only FoxNews. I just thought I would send you a line and tell you I had fun reading many entries from your immensely entertaining blog. Your observations on society are hilarious. Dude, you should write a book someday soon. It is not often that I read a blog for an hour...not to mention laughing out loud while nobody else is home. In other words, you got skilz.
You are now free to move about the it !
David Elton
"Worlds most liberal Republican"
Milky Way

Brian Holland said...

Wow, coming from a Republican makes this beyond flattering! The thought of writing a book has crossed my mind more than once. I'd love to become independently wealthy by way of something I've created, so any of youse publishers out there who might be reading this, gimme a call sometime!

Thanks for the compliments, David, and thanks especially for taking the time to read my stuff. I promise I will be sure to check out your blog upon my return home next week.