Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rousing the rabble

Could you describe the rabble?

…to impress me.  The more I learn about this woman, the more I dislike her.  Not that I was planning to vote for John McCain anyway, but having a homophobic, anti-abortion, Creationist conservative super-Christian on his ticket sure ain’t gonna sway me, not to mention that Palin is a big-time suck-up to the oil companies and the NRA.  Before I catch hell for what I say about Palin, let me point out that I’m not sexist and I am ALL FOR the idea of a woman in the White House someday.  I’m just not convinced that the ex-Mayor of Moose Twit, Alaska (or whatever her town’s called) is qualified to run the big show, and I couldn’t take any more Clinton shenanigans, therefore Hillary ain’t the answer either.  To quote something I saw in the paper today:  "Life’s a bitch—don’t vote for one…"

Palin also has this very artificial Katie Couric cutie-pie air about her that makes her look rather Stepford-Wifey and phony to me.  And I hate the way she always wears her hair up like a prom queen.  I’ve never understood women who have long hair but always wear it up—why not just cut it short and not have to fuck with it?

Predictably, the McCain camp is pitching a fit over Tiny Fey’s impression of Palin on "Saturday Night Live" the other night, claiming it was sexist and demeaning.  Funny, they don’t seem to mind when women like Hillary Clinton, Rosie O’Donnell and Oprah are lampooned on SNL and other TV shows of that ilk, and I don’t hear Barack Obama pissing and moaning whenever he’s been sent-up on the tube.  Sorry kids, but Palin is a politician, so by definition, she’s fair game in my book to be spoofed every bit as much as any male politician, so suck it up and deal with it, Republicans!

Check out this little blurb submitted by a K.C. Star reader:  "Charles Gibson’s demeanor during his interview with Gov. Palin was stone-faced, abrupt, subtly hostile and condescending.  What a poor reflection of the unbiased media."

Okay, then why didn’t this gal complain when douche-bag Bill O’Reilly interviewed Obama?

Big hoop-de-doo locally yesterday as Johnson County held the sentencing hearing for Edwin Hall, the tick-turd who murdered 18-year-old Kelsey Smith last year, the story of which generated national (not to mention sensationalistic) headlines.  His sentence was already determined months ago at the trial because of the plea agreement that was reached—so why do the courts insist on wasting taxpayer dollars on this formality?  I say throw his sorry ass in jail already and move on!

And of course, the media milked this story for all it’s worth and played it up so they could tug at our collective heartstrings one more time.  Again, I don’t mean to sound insensitive to the victim or her family—this was a terrible thing to happen to anyone—but I, for one, am growing really weary of all the hypocritical attention this case has garnered solely because Kelsey was a pretty white girl when so many other people of all races and both sexes are murdered every hour in this country, yet the majority of them never have their story told.  Another thing I’m tired of hearing is how Kelsey’s parents (who seemingly have become addicted to the media spotlight) "plan to keep their daughter’s memory alive through the foundation they established.  The goal is to stop the senseless killings that seem to never end," according to the K.C. Star.  A noble aim, to be sure, but I fail to see how merely throwing money at this problem is going to make it all go away.  Color me cynical all you want, but they’re dreaming if they think their little foundation is going to make a lick of difference.  Nutbags are going to kill innocent people no matter what precautions one takes.

Speaking of murder and mayhem, I give you this from the AP today:  "A double murderer scheduled to be executed next month in Ohio said Tuesday he has not deliberately gained weight to rule out his death by lethal injection.  Instead, Richard Cooey said in a death row interview that his execution cannot be carried out humanely under current state procedures because his veins are hard to reach.  ‘Vein access was an issue even when I was back in the service,’ Cooey, 41, said in an hour-long interview with the Associated Press at the Ohio State Penitentiary."

Okay, let me get this straight—this fucker killed two people, and they’re worried about treating HIM humanely?  If you can’t get the damn needle in him, then beat him over the head with with a 10-pound sledgehammer and get it over with—fuck being humane!

That’s what CNBC "Mad Money" host/financial "expert" Jim Cramer says in light of the federal bailout of AIG, et al.  Uhh, I’d sooner take financial advice from Krusty The Clown than this bombastic goomer who looks like the Muppet heckler Waldorf on Speed, the way he waves his arms around all the time.  I can’t believe this bozo is still even on the air, but I guess he still has enough sycophants to justify his airtime.  There are some real suckers out there…

By the way, how is it AIG, Merrill-Lynch, Lehman Bros., et al, all just suddenly found themselves on the verge of bankruptcy over the same weekend?

Motown producer/songwriter Norman Whitfield died yesterday at age 67 of complications from diabetes.  He deserved induction into the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame for "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" alone, but he also wrote such classics as "Heard It Through The Grapevine", "War" and "Ain't Too Proud To Beg", and produced "Car Wash" for Rose Royce, among many others.  Prolific, indeed...

RICK WRIGHT, 1943-2008
Longtime Pink Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright also joined that "Great Gig In The Sky" this week of cancer.  I didn't know a whole lot about the man, but he was instrumental (literally) in my two favorite Floyd songs ever—"Us And Them" and the vastly-underrated "One Of These Days".  Why bassist Roger Waters was/is such a douche and kicked Wright out of the band for a time after The Wall came out is beyond me.  He certainly was in the Wright...

Congratulations to our Kansas City T-Bones for winning the Northern League minor league baseball championship last night over those dreaded Gary (Indiana) RailCats.  The team is your basic cast of cast-offs, including former Royal Ken Harvey and former St. Louis Cardinals upstart Bo Hart.  It is what it is—MINOR minor league baseball—but it’s still a fun time at their games.  They play in a first-class ballpark over by the Kansas Speedway and draw surprisingly well, considering their low profile.  One can attribute some of their success to the Royals’ lack of success over at Kauffman Stadium these past few years, not to mention free parking, cheap food, low ticket prices and a burgeoning entertainment district across the road at The Legends.  I’ve heard the Northern League might be on its last legs, though, so the Bones might be playing in another league next season.

In spite of their championship, I wouldn’t count on any ticker-tape parade for the T-Bones down Minnesota Avenue in K.C.K.—there aren’t enough armored vehicles in the state of Kansas to protect the players from that shooting gallery…

Kansas State plays at Louisville tonight on ESPN.  Aren’t we getting a little carried away now?  I’m a major mondo football fan here, but even I’m getting tired of all these weeknight games these days—shit, they’re playing college games literally every night of the week now on ESPN.  I kinda like having that break during the week to get fired-up for the upcoming weekend's games, but now the lines are getting so blurred, it's hard to tell one weekend from the next. What’s next—Tuesday morning football?

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