Monday, October 13, 2008

Well said!

I generally try not to pirate that which others have written, but a very recent letter on the op-ed page of the K.C. Star by Herman Kirkpatrick of Leawood, KS caught my eye, so I want to share it here in light blue (with my commentary in off-white)...

Writers, please:
  • Stop putting "super" in front of the words model, star and athlete.
  • Stop writing "I, for one," since you are never more than one.
  • Stop using the word "hero" to describe every person in uniform.  It cheapens the word.  "Hero" should never be used when describing an athlete. [With the possible exceptions of the late Pat Tillman and Roberto Clemente]
  • News networks, stop obsessing for days over one issue to the exclusion of other significant issues.  [This means YOU, Nancy Grace!]
  • Stop the redundant bashing of President Bush.  It has already been said thousands of times, and is adequately recorded.  [Sorry, but sometimes I just can't help myself!]
  • Stop thinking that your choice for president will change everything.
  • Stop worrying about what the Europeans think.  They want to love us.
  • Try to be more objective.  There is plenty of blame to share.
  • Take more responsibility for yourself.  The government can't guarantee your happiness.
  • TV stations, please stop multiple pictures, scrolls, and all that.  Cool it with the "breaking news" bit.  [This means YOU, Faux News Channel, ESPN, CNN, KCTV-5 in Kansas City, et al]
  • Stop putting the suffix "gate" behind every scandal.  This is so camp.  [Amen, brother!]
And if may add, please 86 this whole "Wall Street/Main Street" garbage!  My town doesn't even have a Main Street, and I'm on 77th Terrace!

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