Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ignorance Is Bliss

Hello, dear friends.  Didn't mean to abandon y'all, and I apologize for not updating the blog for over two months, but honestly, I haven't really had anything new to say or felt compelled enough to do any creative writing recently.  I've been keeping myself busy with other projects at home and have also been making a concerted effort to spend a little less time in front of the computer and get my ass out of said house a little more often and rejoin the human race a bit, thus the dearth of activity here.  I was actually even debating whether or not to do this post, but I'm kinda tired of looking at Barney and the gang from the Ol' 1-2 at the top of the blog, so here we are...

I received an anonymous comment the other day regarding the blog entry I posted back in October on actor Demond Wilson's tell-all book about his "Sanford & Son" years in which I took him to task not so much for what he wrote, but the way in which he wrote it (i.e. dreadful grammar and spelling, etc.).  The person who wrote the comment didn't bother to sign his/her/its name to it, and I generally make it my policy to NOT publish negative comments on my blog unless there's a name attached to them, and I debated whether or not to glorify this one with an answer, but I just can't let this go.  First off, here is the entire comment, completely unaltered by me:

"You went on and on here complaining about how bad Wilsons book is in grammer and style. However, you should know that how well a book is written,edited or presented in binder, look and feel, has a great deal to do with the education level of the one reading it. There are people whos educational level would find mistakes in some of the finest literature ever created. You noticed many of Demonds mistakes in his book, yet there are plenty of mistakes that you have made in this article or blog that you have done in critique of the book. Perfect grammer and language isn't as important as the message that one is trying to get out. Demond still gave us the info, regardless of how poorly it is writen, just as you have given us the book review, regardless to how imperfect your review is. I still learned about the content of Demonds book from your article although there are those who could point out plenty of mistakes in your writting. Lesson? Let's pay attention to the gift that someone gives the world and not so much as the crummy package that they wrapped it in. I do not want to say It's the thought that counts because it is so cliche, but take it for what it's worth. I find info on the internet all the time that I really need and it always has grammer mistakes, but I still get the info I need and move on. The days of speaking the perfect sentence verbally and in print are over with. It's a new world! I will not speel check what I just wrote to you. Why? Because I just wanted to tell you this, I care not if it reads like a perfect novel."

Wow.  So bascially, what you're saying is it's perfectly okey-dokey to accept mediocrity and not strive to do better in life, right?  That's a pretty ignorant attitude—is this what they taught you in the ghetto school you attended?  Or are you a graudate of the University of Hee-Haw?  Nobody's perfect, and any book is bound to have some errors in it (grammatical, factual, whatever), but you seem to think it's okay to just publish any old piece of shit and not make the effort to put out the best possible product.  It's this kind of attitude that creates blunders like the faulty brakes in Toyotas.  Bad analogy, maybe, but you get my point?  Nah, didn't think so...

Okay, maybe I nit-picked a bit much on Wilson in my blog entry, but since I paid good money for his book, I felt that he was fair game for criticism.  And he's a grown man—I think he can take it.  If I were publishing a book for the masses to read and it had my name on the cover, I'd want to put out something I could be proud of, not something half-assed and sloppy like he did.  By the way, are you aware that on the cover of another of Demond Wilson's publshed books, his name is listed as "Desmond Wilson"?  Don't tell me you wouldn't be pissed if your name was misspelled on something you worked hard to create.  If so, you're a fucking idiot.

And oh what a coward you are to take pot shots at my blog and not have the balls to sign your fucking name to your comments.  You're like all these other dickheads out there on the Internet who hide behind their computers and the anonymity thereof who don't take responsibility for their words.  As I've stated many times here, I WELCOME any dissenting opinions or REASONABLE challenges to what I write, but the least you can do is identify yourself if you're going to post negative comments on my blog.  At least in my critique of Wilson, I back up my words with my name.  Did you even bother to notice that I made some positive comments about Demond's book at all?  Of course not, you're too busy being all pious and pompous with your bullshit platitudes about just being thankful for the information.

Your grammar is even more atrocious than Wilson's was.  If you don't like what (or how) I write, then don't read my blog—it's obviously way too advanced for a simple-minded moron like yourself anyway.  By the way, I am my own worst critic when it comes to what I write on my blog.  I spend way more time than I should going back over and correcting typos and grammatical errors, but you know why?  Because I actually GIVE A DAMN what the my blog looks like and how it reads.  Would you care to share with me some of these alleged mistakes you've found in my writing?  I'd love to hear them.  Come on, Big Man...

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