Sunday, December 31, 2006

Need an excuse to drink?

Then try my newly-patented "John Madden Drinking Game"! The rules are so simple even Dubya could do it! During any football telecast that Big John presides over, take a drink (of the alcoholic beverage of your choice) whenever Madden:

Utters the phrase "those types of things" or "those kinds of things."

Overstates the blatantly obvious (Example: "When the referee throws that yellow flag, that means he's going to call a penalty.")

Starts talking about spit, slobber, sweat, blood, drool, vomit, pus, or any other bodily fluids when describing a given play or player

Glowingly praises Brett Favre (Makes no difference whether the Packers are actually playing in the game you're watching or not)

Makes a totally senseless remark (Judgment call here!)

—Draws crappy pictures with the Telestrator

If you play properly, you'll be sloshed by halftime!

Cheers and Happy New Year, y'all!