Friday, December 8, 2006

Who was He mad at this time?

Read in the paper the other day that last week’s snowstorm aborted the Gaither revival gospel concert scheduled at Kemper Arena. This begs the question, who was God pissed off at this time?  Rev. Pat Robertson and his ilk would have you believe that Hurricane Katrina was "God’s Wrath" for all those sinners in the Big Easy, so I have to ask, who was He aiming His wrath at by bumping off this concert?  All those evil gospel singers?  Was Madonna's "Like A Virgin" on the scheduled set list that night?  Or perhaps "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang"?

While I'm at it, who was God mad at when that minister got electrocuted while Baptizing somebody a few months back?  What about when some church burns down?  Or when Billy Graham gets diarrhea?  Seems to me the so-called "saints" get the rubber end of the proverbial plunger just as much as the "sinners" do…