Thursday, February 15, 2007

The 30 Greatest Album Covers of All-Time, Part 2

My apologies in advance for the somewhat sloppy layout and alignment here, but it weren't my fault! The blogger folks claim that their editor application is a "wysiwyg", but that's a bunch of hooey. Damn thing has a mind of its own, and trust me, I was completely sober when I put this together...

20) Elton John—Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboy (1975)  Elton John always went above and beyond the call with his album jackets back in the ‘70s.  This one included not one, but TWO souvenir booklets along with a crazy front and back cover that you can look at a hundred times and still keep finding things you didn’t notice before.

19) Van Halen—Van Halen II (1979)  Complete antithesis of #20—very simple, but very stately.

18) Paul Revere & The Raiders—Hard & Heavy (with Marshmallow) (1969)  There goes the neighborhood!  Hope they were headed in the general direction of the Bradys’ house…

17) Elton John—Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only The Piano Player (1973) Another of Elton’s elaborate album jackets, and you gotta love the title too.

16) Ted Nugent—Weekend Warriors (1978)  In spite of my current animosity toward the Rev. Theodosius Atrocious, as well as my ambivalence on the whole gun thing, I still think this was still a pretty cool cover.
15) Twisted Sister—Love Is For Suckers (1987)  Great title for a great song, a sadly overlooked album, and a clever cover, to boot.  Now, drop and give me 20!

14) Van Halen—1984 (1984)  I’m sure the Surgeon General wasn’t too crazy about this one, but it’s damn funny anyway.  Still, I’m required to say that smoking’s bad, mmm-kay?
13) The Outlaws—Ghost Riders (1980)  For all those Space Cowboys out there—Yippie-ki-yo, motherfucker!

12) The Grateful Dead—Dead Set (1981)  I was never a big Dead fan, but I thought this was a cool album jacket. It’s actually a gatefold sleeve, and on the back it features another skeleton overlooking New York City.
11) Jane Wiedlin—Tangled (1990)  Okay, this came out during the CD-only era, but I’m including it anyway.  Borderline porn on an album cover—great concept!

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