Monday, March 12, 2007

Great Seats, eh Buddy?--An ersatz tribute to Bob Uecker

I took this photo in the upper reaches of the old St. Louis Arena circa. 1990.  These were our seats for a Blues game, and they didn't tell us about that bloody beam when I bought the tickets!  That's my friend Tom aiming his camera at someone and our friend Sean with his legs crossed.  Tom could not see the left end of the hockey rink and from where I sat, I couldn't see the right side.  Fortunately, all the scoring took place on my end in the N.Y. Rangers' 5-0 skunking of the Blues that night.  Not long after I took this photo, the St. Louis Gestapo told us to put our cameras away, citing a Communist NHL policy banning picture taking during games.  In spite of the crappy seats and over-zealous security staff, I loved that old building, which I plan to pay tribute to in a future blog entry.

Next, I take you to venerable Boston Garden, aka "The Gaaa-den", where I snapped this photo while I roamed the building during pre-game warm-ups in March, 1994.  Believe it or not, I was sitting in a grandstand seat when I took this—you could have paid money to watch half a hockey game there, if you really wanted to!  Our seats were actually on the end to the right behind the goal, and even then the upper deck overhang blocked part of the glass at the opposite end of the rink.  Evidently, sightlines were merely an afterthought in arena and stadium design back in the late 1920's...

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