Monday, April 2, 2007

"Gimme that chomp-chomp..."

The late Danny Joe Brown and Molly Hatchet nailed it on their first album almost 30 years ago, because this is indeed "Gator Country", as Florida has once again won the NCAA Basketball Championship.  They seem to have Ohio State's number in both round ball and football champeenships lately, too.  I kept thinking Florida would falter somewhere in this tournament, but they never did, and they even made a little history by winning the title two straight years with the same starting five—that's never been done before.  It's hard to repeat in any sport, but especially in college basketball, so I have to give it up to Florida.

Memo to CBS' Billy Packer:  Florida's coach's last name is pronounced DON-ovan, not DUN-ovan, you yutz!

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