Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back on the throne again!

Well folks, my long national nightmare is finally over!  I now have indoor plumbing once again, as I finished repairs on my sewer drain last night.  I'm relieved to be able to relieve myself in my own toilet again for one rather obvious reason, but also because this little operation was beginning to turn into a sideshow of sorts, with too many nosy (if not well-intentioned) neighbors sticking their noses in it.  Total cost of the project was about 12 cumulative hours of my time and $47 in parts and supplies, or $65 if you count the new shovel I bought.

Contrast that with the 2,500 semolians that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing tried to con me into paying to replace my alleged "collapsed" sewer drain.  Thus, dear friends, whenever any plumbing or heating and cooling outfit, et al, tries to tell you that you need some four-figure major repair done, I urge you to seek a second and third opinion before you let them take advantage of you.  If I wasn't so bull-headed about fixing this damn thing myself, I might've gotten royally screwed.  Or in this case, royally reamed...

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