Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dig Me!

I know you've all been dying for a progress report on my "Big Dig" sewer drain project, so here it is!

 This pic is Phase I, featuring the rough outline of the hole to be dug, the supposed location of the drain clog (center) and my left foot.

Here is the result of my first hour's worth of work (or so). That shovel was retired afterward because it was about to fall apart.  Hell, I only paid six bucks for the damn thing at Big Lots anyway....

After putting my new $18 shovel with the red designer handle through its maiden voyage, this is two hours' worth of work...

Flash ahead to today, as I hit the 3.5 feet mark and uncovered the pipe in question.  I have my suspicions that the clog is actually another 3-4 feet from the joint in the pipe (in the direction of the top center of the photo).

Check out that bubblin' crude!  And we ain't talkin' Black Gold/Texas Tea, unfortunately.  That would be raw sewage that I tapped into after finding a crack on the side of the pipe and popping it open just a hair more.  At least I now know which direction the clog is located from this point (top center of photo).  And let me tell you, my friends, it's funkier than a James Brown record in this damn hole too!

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