Monday, February 25, 2008

Classic Old-School Store Chain #1

Time to salute an oldie but a goodie, the old T.G.&Y. store (AKA the "dime store").  Long before Target and Wal-Mart took over everything, we had smaller all-purpose stores like these to shop in when I was a kid.  In Raytown, we basically had three non-grocery stores my family frequentedSam's Drugs (not to be confused with Sam's Club), Spartan Atlantic and T.G.&Y. (which stood for Thomlinson, Gosselin & Young).  I was always more partial to the smaller stores like in the top photo, as opposed to the big "Family Centers" like in this pic.  It seemed like they always had everything Mom and I ever needed when we dropped in there.  I miss stores like these (sorry, but Dollar General doesn't cut it), so I plan to salute them from time to time.

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