Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another blast from the past

Anybody out there remember Fotomat?  With the advent of digital cameras and One-Hour Photo, et al, this bygone edifice of American culture is now about as obsolete as VCRs and the Yellow Pages, but for no particular reason, I was reminded of them the other day.  Here's what a real one looked like, but I wasn't able to save the pic to my hard drive because of site limitations.

And here's what one looks like today, after having been subjected to the carbon-freeze process!

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Anthony said...

I remember Fotomat!

One of the best things when I started to drive was to be able to go shooting then take the film to be developed without having to go through the parental unit.


As much snow as we had here last week...and with the HUGE snow mounds still all around, I wonder about building one of these in a parking lot. hmmmmmmmm

To close...
I have a new project and I hope you'll share Missouri with the world. Think you might point your camera and share the view from your window?