Saturday, August 9, 2008

Do it all, have a ball--S-S-S-Saturday Night!

Did I just quote the Bay City Rollers?!?  Damn, I'm getting desperate...

Democrap John Edwards admitted yesterday that he cheated on his wife while she had cancer, which is about as low as Dubya's approval ratings in my book.  I was never crazy about him to begin with because he always came off to me as seeming like a televangelist, and whaddya knowhe has exhibited the typical behavior of one.  It pains me to say this, but I guess Ann Coulter was right after allJohn Edwards is a total pussy!

A little unfinished business here, as I forgot to include this in my review of the John Entwistle concert at which I got the man's otto-graph on my Who By Numbers CD insert.  This is not a forgerythe Ox really did sign it.  Honest!  He really did...

How else do you explain how that dude with the torch "flew" around the rim of the stadium in Beijing during the opening ceremonies for the Olympics?  Sadly, we're barely a day and a half into the whole thing, and already there's been an Olympic-related death.  I have a feeling there will be more...

A week ago tonight, I barricaded myself in my 9' x 12' bedroom with the frosty window-unit air conditioner because it was 97 degrees outdoors with humidity to match.  Today's high was about 20 degrees cooler than that and I was able to mow my yard without drowning in my own sweat.

Regular readers of this blog may remember me ripping on the "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" television program a time or two.  Well, at the risk of flip-flopping, I have to admit that the show ain't so bad.  The installment that finally won me over was when Gene was backstage at the Kiss concert where Paul Stanley fell ill last year and was unable to perform, so I decided to watch the show from the beginning on DVD, and I have to admit it actually is rather humorous in places, although Gene's son Nick is the really funny one.  As I've stated before on here, I give Gene and Shannon credit for raising two kids with their heads on straight.  Nick and Sophie certainly seem to be able to handle being famous a lot better than Jack and Kelly Osbourne ever did.  I still maintain that a lot of the shit they do on the show is staged, as some of the predicaments Gene finds himself in have a decidedly Lucy Ricardo quality to them.  But if you don't take the show too seriously, it's rather entertaining.  HOWEVER, this is not an endorsement of the reality TV genreit's still mostly bullshit to me!

As for Gene, I still find it very disconcerting how the man obsesses over moneyhe's worse than Mr. Drysdale ever was!

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