Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Great Wall of Raytown

I've been promising photo coverage of my recent remodeling project here at the ol' homestead, and have finally gotten around to it.

The room in question was once a garage that was converted into a rec. room I'm guessing sometime in the '70s.  However, the Gomer and Jethro who did the remodeling then were hardly Bob Vilas (or even Tim Taylors), as you can see by this pic.  This is what I found after I peeled off two layers of paneling—yes, paneling OVER paneling!  Evidently, they slapped this wall together with whatever scraps they could find, and the result was quite FEMA-like—I'm amazed this wall lasted 30 years!

Here's a look at my temporarily-expanded laundry room!

It was a bit of a challenge lining up the studs for the new framework for the drywall by myself, but I was fairly pleased with how it turned out.

Here would be the newly-installed drywall on the day of the April Surprise snowfall.

Add a splash of color and some trim work and voilĂ !  I love the color, but wasn't totally happy with the paint job—I used the wrong roller for the first coat and the finish is a bit dodgy, but it's close enough.

And here's yours truly at the opposite end of the computer/stereo chamber in amongst my CD and record collection, or as I affectionately call it, the "Wall of Sound".  That brick structure behind it is the infamous fireplace/barbecue pit that I had to chase Rocky Raccoon out of a couple months back.  It occupies the space where the garage door once existed.  I may get ambitious and rip the whole thing out someday and replace it with a regular wall and a bay window to overlook my driveway.  All in good time...


Mr. Mike said...

Nice work on building up your rec room. The set up and collection both look very impressive.

Brian Holland said...

Thanks! Again, I'm not entirely happy with certain aspects of how it turned out, but it's good enough for now...