Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The 30 Greatest Album Covers of All-Time, Part 1

Even as much as I loved the advent of the compact disc over 20 years ago, one casualty of CD technology has been the mighty album cover, which sadly has become a lost art. So, here's Part 1 (of three) of my little tribute to album cover art:

30) Kiss—Love Gun (1977)  This was Ken "Destroyer" Kelly’s second Kiss album cover portrait.  Not quite as good as his first, but most worthy, all the same.

29) The Beatles—Abbey Road (1969)  So legendary, it HAD to make this list.  By the way, in case you missed it—Paul’s still not dead!  However, his career appears to be...

28) The Who—The Who Sell Out (1967)  Funny album covers always score high with me, and this one’s a classic!  Legend has it that Roger Daltrey caught a cold from having to sit in that tub of beans.

27) Boston—Boston (1976) The guitar-shaped spaceship made the ‘Enterprise’ look pretty hokey in comparison!

26) Molly Hatchet—Flirtin’ With Disaster (1980)  I think that dude on the cover was having a bad day, don’t you?  He looked like he meant business!

25) George Carlin—Class Clown (1972)  It’s easy to forget to include comedy albums on a list like this, but they are certainly worthy of consideration.  The track listing on the chalkboard on the back was clever, too.

24) R.E.O. Speedwagon—You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fish (1978)  Just in case you missed the point of the title!  Still funny as hell…

23) Led Zeppelin—Physical Graffiti (1975)  I always loved album jackets that had cut-outs on the cover that integrated with whatever was on the inner sleeve(s).

22) Kiss—Rock And Roll Over (1976)  I spent many an hour tracing this one onto the covers of my school notebooks during class in junior high school.

21) ZZ Top—Afterburner (1985)  That little ol’ band from Texas beams up!  Too bad this was the last of their really good records before complacency set in...

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