Monday, February 12, 2007

Great Moments In Radio, Vol. VI

At K-JO in St. Joseph, we carried the "Tom Snyder Radio Show" from 9PM to Midnight every Monday thru Friday, which was actually quite enjoyable.  Yes, T.S. could sometimes be pompous as all get-out—especially on T.V.—but his radio show was a lot more fun to listen to than the abrasiveness of loveable Larry King ("Alexandria, Virginia--HELLO!!").

I particularly always looked forward to the end of Tom's show, not because it sucked, but because Snyder would always remain on the satellite and talk off the air for a few minutes, thanking his guests, the network affiliates, production crew, et al, and he would also do commentary on the show he’d just completed (often in PG-rated language).  One night, some asshole called in right at the end of the show and got on his soapbox and started ranting about this, that and the other to the point where even Snyder couldn’t get a word in with him at all.  During Tom’s post-show commentary, he says, "That last guy SUCKED (pregnant pause)…the wind right out of me!  I hate it when people get on here and try to make speeches!"  Unfortunately, we only had a 90-second window with which to listen to Tom’s remarks because we had to switch the satellite over to ABC news at the top of the hour, so we rarely got to hear the end of Tom's rants, many of which had to have been real doozies!

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