Saturday, May 16, 2009

Post #600

Another milestone for da Comet!

I watched “Farrah’s Story” on NBC last night, the documentary about actress Farrah Fawcett’s on-going battle with cancer.  Although I was never a big fan of Farrah—I was more partial to Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson on “Charlie’s Angels”—it’s still very sad to watch yet another ‘70s icon slipping away from us.  FF wasn’t much of an actress, really, and it seems like she’s remembered more for her hair than her acting ability.  Seems strangely ironic that Fawcett is now minus what she was most famous for—her trademark hair.  It’s also easy to forget that she only appeared on “Charlie’s Angels” for one season before leaving in a contract dispute.  But, Farrah definitely helped many a young man through puberty in the late ‘70s, especially those who owned THE POSTER.  I didn’t have one myself, but a neighbor kid did.  I don’t know why I remember this, but “Tomorrow Show” host Tom Snyder had the damnedest time pronouncing Farrah’s name—he kept calling her Fur-RAH Fawcett-Majors, back in the day.

Last night’s show was quite poignant, and I admire Farrah for baring it all, so to speak, and discussing her illness so publicly.  However, my cynical side can’t help but wonder if all the publicity she’s been getting over the past couple weeks saying she’s now at death’s door is merely a TV ratings ploy.  Totally not her fault, of course, but it IS the May Sweeps, after all, and Kate Jackson herself was quoted this week as saying that while Farrah isn't in the greatest of health right now, the media reports that she is circling the drain were/are inaccurate.  And I also can’t help but wonder if Ryan O’Neal isn’t just milking this thing for all it’s worth in an attempt to repair his tarnished image a bit and make him look like a hero at the same time.  O’Neal’s been a real knucklehead over the years (as have his kids) and this sure smacks of damage control to me.  Either way, let’s hope maybe there’s a miracle out there with Farrah’s name on it.

While awaiting severe weather updates Wednesday, I found myself inadvertently watching the ever-vapid “Entertainment Tonight”, which showed singer Marie Osmond bitching about actress Valerie Bertinelli for having the audacity to wear a bathing suit to show off her recent weight loss in TV ads and such. “I don’t want to see a 49-year-old woman in a bikini,” Marie squawked.  This coming from a 49-going-on-50-year-old woman showing off her new figure in fishnet stockings in her own recent weight-loss print ads—now you tell me, which is more age-appropriate?  I thought good little Mormans didn’t wear such decadent apparel.  This also coming from the same 49-going-on-50-year-old woman who had a man’s face just inches from her crotch on “Dancing With The Stars” last year.  Marie Osmond is a beautiful gal alright, but she’s such a freakin’ fuddy-duddy—lighten up (and I don’t mean your weight) already!  As for the divine Ms. Bert-‘n’-Ernie, er uh, Bertinelli, even though I’m not all that much into chicks in bikinis, if she can still look good in one at her age (and she most certainly does), then more power to her, I say.

Come on, get naked?  If the rumors are true, that’s what "Partridge Family" star Shirley Jones plans to do for Playboy. At age 75?!?  While I have no doubt that Hef’s having trouble selling magazines these days, this smacks of sheer desperation.  Susan Dey, maybe, but Shirley Jones?  Oy! I wonder if this means Rueben Kincaid will be posing for Playgirl too.

Not that I needed any further proof what a big fat phony Dr. Laura is, but this photo confirms it.  Yes, let’s get out and honor Mom—never mind that this quack was estranged from her own mother and did not speak to her for the last 30 years of her life.  Her mother died alone and wasn’t even discovered until like three months later—what could be more pathetic than that?  You can read all about it at It’s hypocrites like Dr. Laura who give legit psychologists and therapists a bad rap—I’d sooner seek mental health advice from Screech on “Saved By The Bell”…

When Chrysler announced it was closing about 25% of its dealers nationwide the other day, this included not one, but three dealerships right here in Raytown.  The Crawford auto group has been a presence here for well over 40 years, and Mitch Crawford’s Holiday Chrysler-Plymouth has been a fixture at Gregory and 350 Hiway as long as I can remember.  The Crawfords also have a separate Dodge dealer just up the road and a Jeep dealer they inherited when American Motors dissolved in the ‘80s.  I don’t really give a rip about Chrysler—I’m more of a Chevy and Ford kind of guy—but it’s still kinda sad.

I’ve been doing a little time-travel on the DVD front this month about 40 years back to ABC’s “Room 222”, which just came out recently.  I only have vague memories of the show from when I was a kid, mostly because I remember watching the first five minutes of the show every Friday following “The Partridge Family”—and getting bored with it!  I was only six at the time, so I didn’t relate well to high school drama, but the show holds up surprisingly well after four decades.  It was one of the first prime-time network series to incorporate multiple black characters in it, and the storylines are still relevant in today’s world, even though the culture is different now.  Half the fun of watching “222” is to see the clothes people wore back then, not to mention all the afros!  Disappointingly, the video and audio quality are rather poor on the DVD set, especially the first disc, where it was like watching TV through a window screen.

I wish to hell I had, too, because filly horse Rachel Alexandra won the Freakness, er uh, Preakness Stakes today at Pimlico, and I'd have won some moolah!  While it's not quite in the same category as Danica Patrick winning the Indy 500—five other fillies have won the Preakness before—it's still kinda cool to see.  Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird's strategy of lollygagging in last place until halfway through before turning on the afterburners didn't quite work this time, as he finished a close second.

“Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”—THE BEATLES (1967)/ELTON JOHN (1975)  “With plasticine porters with looking-glass ties.”  For the longest time, I thought they were plasticine horses!  Hell, I didn't even know what plasticine was, anyway.  Even though the Beatles’ version is a classic, I’ve always been more partial to Elton’s take on it, since his was the one I heard first and grew up on.  Good thing I didn’t grow up on the William Shatner version!

One point I neglected to mention about Frampton Comes Alive! in my live album countdown a couple posts back:  Did anyone else ever notice the uncanny resemblance of the intro to the song “Doobie Wah” to the Doobie Brothers’ “Listen To The Music”? I always wondered if this was a Freudian slip on Pete’s part, or if indeed he was paying homage to the Brothers Doobie in that song.

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