Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy Blogiversary to Me!--Part 2

As promised, here are some more favorites from the Holland's Comet archive from the past six months or so (in chronological order):

--Motherhood? (6-2-07)

--"They Died Young"--Vol. III (6-7-07)

--The Bane of My Existence (6-24-07)

--"They Died Old"--Volume I (6-26-07)

--"What The &%#@ Were They Thinking?"-Vol. 1 (7-5-07)

--July 6, 1982 (7-6-07)

--"They Died Old"--Vol. II (7-15-07)

--"They Died Old"--Vol. III (7-28-07)

--Same ol' shit, different underwear... (9-19-07)

--It's in 'im and it's got to come out... (10-8-07)

--Welcome to the Scent Printer! (10-11-07)

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