Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Blogiversary to me!--Part 1

December 4, 2006: "A date that will live in infancy!"A. Bunker

Well, kids, here we are on Day 366 in the life of da Comet.  By dingies352 posts and 61 misheard lyrics later, my little baby is still alive and well, and I'm a proud father (did I say that?!?).  As I stated in my very first post, for reasons that are still unknown to me, I resisted starting up a blog for the longest time.  But, good moogly-woogly, once I started this behemoth, the skies parted, the seas churned, the earth moved and the floodgates opened, and voila!  Blogging has been a real pleasure and treasure to mea great forum for me to rant and vent, plus an outlet for me to just plain be creative and hopefully entertain more than a few fellow humans in the process.  Also in said process, I've made the acquaintance of some other fine bloggers and fellow travelers, and it's been a total hoot.  About the only negative I can think of is having to learn to navigate Google's so-called "wysiwyg" publisher function, which I'm fairly certain was created by FEMA...

Thanks to anyone and everyone who takes the time to experience my bullshit.  I especially want to thank Randy Raley for inspiring yours truly to finally get off his duff and start a blog, just as he inspired yours truly to pursue a career in radiookay, one out of two ain't bad! I also want to thank my other regular commenters Ken Dillon (let me know when you wanna do lunch, buddy!), the good Dr. Sardonicus, M.D., and Sir Kilroy, proprietor of the Gonzo Papers.  And as always, I welcome comments from anyone and everyone about what I say, even if we disagreeI've only rejected one comment so far, and that's only because it made about as much sense as Mr. DeFazio on "Laverne & Shirley".  And rest assured, dear friendsI have plenty more good stuff up my sleeve for Year Two!

In celebration of this auspicious occasion, I present to you, gentle readers, a little best-of collection of some of my favorite posts (in fairly chronological order) from the first six months.  I'll cover the remaining six months tout-de-sweet.  Feel free to add any comments you like, even though the following are reruns:

--Top 10 Most Irritating Top 40 Hits of All-Time (12-13-06)

--The Dumbest Celebrity Product Endorsements of All-Time (1-3-07)

--Worst Cover Songs of All-Time (1-6-07)

--Fallen Idols (1-16-07)

--57 Channels and Nothin' On (1-31-07)

--Great Moments in Radio, Vol. V (2-8-07)

--Good Answers (2-28-07)

--It really makes you wonder... (3-17-07)

--Randy Rhoads, 1956-1982 (3-19-07)

--Great Moments in Radio, Vol. VII (3-21-07)

--Da Raidas! (3-26-07)

--Back in the saddle again... (3-26-07)

--My "Field of Dreams" (4-2-07)

--Let it Rain! (4-4-07)

--Enlighten us, oh Flatulent One! (4-18-07)

--The Greatest Album of All-Time (5-1-07)

--#200 (5-3-07)

--Whole lotta bloggin' goin' on (5-24-07)

--I know you are, but what am I? (5-27-07)

--My General Moody-ness (5-29-07)

--"They Died Young"--Volume I (of an occasional series) (5-31-07)


dr sardonicus said...

Congratulations on the first year! Lots of interesting stuff in the archives, which I'll check out when I get a chance.

pigeonmom said...

Happy Blogiversary
Sir Rant-A-Lot!!

Ken Dillon said...

Happy Birthday to yer blog, Buddy!
You are, as you know, one of my regular stops!